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Welcome. When we talk about computer security, we don't joke. Computer security is very important. Normally, in our computers we store private information, like passwords, banking accounts, etc.. Getting hacked is bad when all of these things are stored in your computer, so that's why it is important to keep security. However, hackers are not the single thing that are dangerous for the computer, malware is dangerous too. Malware can delete/expose important files. Or, do other damages. And again, that why is good to be safe.

You can be protected from malware and hackers by having an antivirus. (Not all antiviruses are protecting you.)

Here is some more things about me:

Here is some more things about me:

Favorite antivirus: Avast

Where i upload files to make sure they're safe: VirusTotal

Am i scared of malware/hackers? Nope.

My hobby: Gaming